Installing Windows 8 Release Preview on a Netbook

Monday, June 11, 2012

Installing Windows 8 Release Preview is very easy and straight forward but if you’re on an Aspire One netbook, the install bits that you will have downloaded from Microsoft will tell you that your CPU isn’t supported. This error is a bug and here, I will show you how to bypass it.

In simple terms, all you’re really going to do is prepare a USB installer on another computer and do a clean install on the netbook. Below is a video that illustrates just that.

While you are at it, you may want to be able to use Metro apps and many of the new features on Windows 8 that require a resolution of 1024X768 which some netbooks (like mine) do not have. Te procedure is very simple, while this is demonstrated in Consumer Preview, the same applies to Release Preview and most likely to RTM. Ultimately it is a quick in and out of the Windows registry and you will have a much better resolution on your netbook than you did before that will be able to use Metro apps and features.

Fixing Screen Resolution issue on Windows 8 Netbooks

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