Facebook buys Instagram

Monday, April 9, 2012

Instagram, the photo filter sharing wonder that started under two years ago. Instagram started with 4 employees and 0 users. To this day there are more than 150 billion photos shared and over 7 million users.

In the next few days, Facebook Inc. is set to buy the social media network for 1 billion dollars. For a network that has no significant source of revenue, that has become this infectious and still growing as we speak.

By buying Instagram, Facebook Inc. has not only eliminated a huge competition potential, but has also acquired the chance to implement the Instagram filters within it's own iOS and Android apps, but also it's website's image uploading sequence.

With every acquirement, there's always the fear of change. Instagram users enjoy the way the apps work and enjoy their ecosystem of sharing. Upon arrival of this upsetting news, there are various services that have appeared that permit users to export their Instagram image library for instant download. There is still no news on whether Facebook intends to change anything or even take down the Instagram network completely, but we're interested to find out.

We're also interested in some feedback. Do you guys think Facebook's going to change anything or is there belief that they will leave the network untouched? Leave your comments in the section below.

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