Setting up Hotmail in Windows Live Mail

Monday, June 14, 2010

Setting up a hotmail or live account in windows live mail is very easy.














First, you click Add email account on the left hand side bar.


Then, you enter your email address and password and display name. Click next upon termination.


Click Finish.

Leave it to Microsoft to make a 3 step email adding scheme for hotmail.

Windows Live Mail will synchronize itself with your online data and emails, so if you have been using hotmail for a long time and store your messages there, you will have to wait as it downloads everything to ensure that it is a completely synchronized clone to the online version.

After sending a test email to another account, Windows Live Hotmail will not require any manual tweaks. If you have hotmail, Windows Live Mail might be your best bet since it is simple, fast and requires no work what-so-ever.

To delete the account, simply right click the account and click Remove account.


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