Google Plus is A Hit

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google + went from an unknown to the talk of the world and as people become intrigued, its limited offerings have already garnered 10 million people into the Google Circle.

It is expected that this 10 million will double if Google doesn’t shut down invites. While that number is pale in comparison to Facebook;s 750 million, it is a fast spike in a service.

At the moment, Google + can only be predicted as stunting Facebook’s growth as people start to make the move.

Google Plus not only masters in new features, but also in privacy and in this case trust.

A poll has found Facebook to be the second least trusted service coming just before the IRS in the United States.

Considering that Google + was unknown yesterday and became a star today, it has great potential at taking from Facebook every step of the way.

As long as things keep their current shape, Google may very well be able to declare victory over Facebook and seeing as how this is just the beta, imagine what will happen when it exits beta and matures when the flood gates open instead of having people fighting to climb the unclimbed wall as they scour to get in.

For the moment, Google has been nice enough to let its experimental population grow, but you never know when they may stunt growth and close the limited flood gate. However, for a beta Social Network to get this much attention in so little time, along with the people from the inside who have ben working hard to make their dream a success is truly remarkable.

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