Google Plus: Missing and Wanted Features–along with some things that need Repair

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Google+ has kicked off and has more than 10 million users. It will become a challenger to Facebook as the social networks start to clash. Facebook has already taken the initiative to ban Google + ads and block direct exports of contacts and data. However, Google+ isn’t complete. There are a few things that it will need before it can mature out of its successful field testing phase.

  • You can search contacts, but you cannot search through posts and sparks in Google +. A search engine for this would be a nice add.
    • To simplify search, Google  should implement hash tags
  • Imagine being able to reply to a person and have the reply break into an expandable thread within the comments.
    Nested comments for better replying.
  • Google should make a cloud hard drive that is similar to SkyDrive that can host files and share them with circles.
  • Google can and should collaborate its other services with Google +. Say that you are writing a document with a bunch of friends or co-workers that are already in one of your circles in Google +. Well, why have to add each person individually when you can add circles.
  • Circles are a great feature, but when it comes to organizing them, there are times where one circle is a sub circle of another and shares x contacts but y contacts and would be more convenient if merged and given an option to select or deselect the sub circles.
  • The stream can get cluttered and what if you made a circle for your busiest contacts who take over the stream and want to see everyone but the people in that circle in your stream? Google + will let you see the entire stream or individual circles in the stream, but what if you want to see all of your circles but one or two?
  • Google + has an android app and an iOS app but what about other platforms like Windows Phone 7?
  • The ability to change who you are sharing a post with after you have posted it. Currently you can edit the content of a post and save it, but editing who can see it is another story.
  • So you can expand comments in a long thread, but once you’ve expanded the thread, there is no way to retract it. A simple Hide all comments should do the trick.
  • Say that you click on a comment or a link in a comment, Google + will automatically take you back to the top of the thread and you lose your position in the thread. It would be nice if it wouldn’t do that.
  • If you expand a picture and look at it in its unique view, there is no way to +1 the picture, or individual comments.
  • There is a bug in Google + where blocking only works in Google +. It will be repaired, but it is a flaw.
  • A fully integrated email and private messaging system that can share attachments and be received and looked at from within Google +. Sending the message to Gmail is inconvenient as you cannot see it unless you are in Gmail. The only way to Private Message Someone is to use the Stream where things can get lost without the search engine.
  • While Google + released its API, some people might miss games like Farmville and Mafia Wars that are in Facebook. There are no games in Google + at the moment, however it is expected in Google + in the future.
  • What happens if someone tags you in a post or picture and you don’t want to be tagged in it? Well, there is no way to untag yourself like you can in Facebook.

There are likely other flaws and features that you would like to see in Google +. We’d like to hear them. Be sure to comment with any issues that you have had or features that you miss!

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