iDevice Tweaks: CyDelete, LabelSlide, and AlertArtist

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here are a few iDevice tweaks that I stumbled upon recently.


CyDelete is a tweak available from Cydia. This tweak allows you to delete Via-Cydia installed apps without the need to go [Manage > Packages]. Simply hold your finger on the app you want to delete until the icon begins to wiggle, then click the X. It's as simple as deleting a regular app.

Obtained: BigBoss Repo (Default)

Note: This does not work with tweaks(not apps) that are viewable from the Springboard ("home screen").


LabelSlide is a tweak available through Cydia.  This tweak allows you to, you guessed it, change the text that appears on the lock screen slider. Simply visit [Settings >LabelSlide] to change the text.

Obtained: BigBoss Repo(Default)


AlertArtist, once again, is a tweak available through Cydia.  AlertArtist, with it's very creative name, allows you to change the Colors and Font of your "Push" alerts.  Though predetermined colors are not available, color sliders are used to change the colors of the background, the text itself, and even the glow of the push notification.

Obtained: InsanelyI Repo (

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