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Friday, July 15, 2011


If you ever needed a screen recorder for a variety of reasons but couldn’t find a good free one, look no further. After my search, I have finally found what I have been looing for. CamStudio is a perfect alternative to Camtasia if you don't need the video editor and some of the other perks that come with it.

CamStudio is relatively easy to use and doesn’t leave its mark on your system while recording. It doesn’t leave watermarks either – nor does it require any sort of payment or registration.

The software only comes in English and German but none-the-less, it is easy and effective to use.

Notable Features

Most of its features and settings are hidden behind menus. If you want to change the region where CamStudio records, you can choose to record a window, full screen or select a recording region.

In the options menu, you can tweak how CamStudio records, processes and saves your recording.

CamStudio doesn’t only work on screen capture. If you go to the Video setting in your options and choose your webcam, CamStudio will record from the webcam.

If you need to change the curser in the video, or get rid of it, you can do that as well.

If you define an area to be recorded an enable Autopan, the camera will follow your curser.

CamStudio will also allow you to define how it acts as you record your videos and can be hidden in the notification area if you want it to be.

If you do decide that you need a shape, or watermark, or caption, CamStudio will allow you to configure it and add it to the video. If you need a stop watch in your video to compare the speed of something in terms of time, CamStudio will let you add an

It comes with a SWF converter which allows you to convert AVI files to flash. It will record in both formats only.

CamStudio comes in 3 views, the original view, compact view and buttons view.



Unfortunately, CamStudio doesn’t have keyboard shortcuts so you will need to arrange the recording to allow cut outs f the pauses and stops if you don’t want them.

Overall, if you don’t need a fancy expensive suite to record your screen or webcam, then CamStudio is the best way to go.

Download links for CamStudio

CamStudio 2.6 Beta

CamStudio 2.0

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