Google's Android Marketplace: The Wild West in terms of App Malware

Friday, July 15, 2011

Google still doesn't seem intent on destroying all (or at least some) of the malware in their Adroid Marketplace. So what's the deal Google?
Google has surprised millions once again. This time, they've surprised in a bad way. Android malware is still running rampant in the Android Marketplace and we still have received no comment on what Google does (or is attempting to do) to screen newly submitted applications into the Android Marketplace. Nor have we received any sort of compensation for any money lost or damage done to our phones.

Now, I may not be an Android device user, but I get where all these complaints are coming from. People are furious with any sort of loss. Why? Because any customer tries as much as possible (subconsciously) to find any sort of flaw in any product. We, as humans, judge anything and everything. (Though we may not like to believe that.)

Apple is the complete opposite of Google. Apple screens every. Single. App. Apple will double-screen and triple-screen an app JUST to make sure that it is within certain specifications, that it runs within parameters, that it does not contain any sort of malware, and that it does everything the developer says it does.

Maybe, instead of taking a page out of Facebook's...uuh, books, they should consider revising their technique and take a page out of Apple's.

Message to Google: CHECK YOUR APPS DUDE!

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