Google Plus: Some Alternate Uses with its Features

Saturday, July 16, 2011

imageIf you have already tried Google+, you would know that while it is similar to Facebook, it is quite different and mainly takes the sharing mold of an advanced form of Twitter. Google+ in itself at a present state can be a personal or business or blog profile very easily and very comfortably. While Google is making pages for businesses, its format as it is right now is suitable for businesses to get their messages across because anyone on the web can follow them and get updates in the Stream.

Here are a few things that you can do by twisting its features.

Make a Blog

There is no limit – as of yet- to how much text you can post in one of your statuses which makes online publishing a breeze. To make a blog post, you would write your post as a status and make it Public. the only point in lacking is if you wanted to place pictures in a specific part of that test which can’t be done. In this instance, you might want to make sure that your profile is public so that it and the blog can be found through Google search.


Newsletters take the same principle of the blog but are intended for a smaller and more direct audience and is generally used in business. You would write your newsletter and post it to your business circle – or the audience that you would like to reach out to.


While there is no built in private messaging service that is usable at the moment, the stream can be used to do that. Write your email, share it with your friend only and disable reshare.


Hangouts isn’t only good for social occasions, it is also good for business meetings. You could have your entire staff stay home and be in the hangout at a scheduled time and it wouldn’t be that different from an actual conference. It would be good for the environment and save traveling costs and time.

In time, it is certain that this list of alternate uses will grow and once developers start using the API to the fullest, we can expect to see games and productivity apps that may very well challenge Facebook in Google’s much more flexible platform.

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