Games in Google Plus has Launched

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Within the next few days, you may start to notice something new – at least that is what Google announced today. over the next few days they will be rolling out the new Games platform to Google Plus users.

Now Google insists that we all be patient as they will slowly roll out this feature. They also insist that once you get it to play with it and let them know how they did.

Now, I for one am not much of an online gamer, so this may not be my cup of tea, and in Facebook, those Farmville invites were a pain in the neck. However, Google insists that for people like me, the new Games feature won’t bog me down with useless notifications that I don’t need and won’t destroy my experience with it.

Overall, let’s wait and see what they did and when I get this new Games feature, I’ll be sure to check it out and hope it doesn’t act like the one in Facebook did.

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