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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

imageThe ways to interact with Google Plus are growing as time continues and I recently found a cool gadget that will nicely integrate Circles with this blog and any other blog.

Facebook’s Like button can translate into more followers on your Facebook page. The Follow button for Twitter rakes in more followers to your Twitter account. You can do the same on Google Plus with this gadget.

To get the code, go to

Side Note:

The code looks like this, you can copy paste this code directly and plug in your ID number manually.

<script type="text/javascript">mbgc='f5f5f5';ww='250';mbc='cecece';bbc='3F79D5';bmobc='3b71c6';bbgc='4889F0';bmoc='3F79D5';bfc='FFFFFF';bmofc='ffffff';tlc='cecece';tc='6a6a6a';nc='6a6a6a';bc='6a6a6a';l='y';fs='14';fsb='13';bw='100';ff='4';pc='4889F0';b='s'; pid='YOURG+IDNUMBER';</script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

All you really need is your Google Plus ID from the URL on your profile page on Google Plus. It will not work if you use the link, you need to extract the number from the link.

Then in the Layout page, paste the code that is generated on the website in an HTML widget and you are set to go.

With your Google Plus ID, you can get detailed stats on the usage of the gadget here:

Well, hopefully you like the widget, be sure to join us on our various networks, but perhaps you might want to add us to your circles in Google Plus.

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