Why I Would Cancel my Cable and Phone Services in an Instant

Thursday, September 1, 2011

In this day and age, you can practically get anything off the internet. Here's why I would take Internet over any other service I was offered.

There are several services that you can look to for Movies, Tv Shows, Music Videos, so on and so forth. But each company literally has their own specialty.  The list of companies I trust include: Apple, Netflix, Google and a few others.

Apple's got the music and TV shows going for them. They sell, on average, 130 million song downloads a year. At each song being about $0.99, this would amount up to about $127M in total revenue. That covers my musical needs.

They've also got TV shows. Complete seasons with complete episodes are available at a pretty good price of anywhere between 20 and 50 dollars depending on what TV series you're buying from. Considering I only watch about two episodes a week because I'm so busy doing other things, this is a steal. I have successfully fullfilled my Television and music needs with Apple.

Note: Due to copyright, certain songs and/or TV shows may not be available in your country.

Music videos are a no brainer and answered in one word:
But what if I want to watch a movie? Apple has movies too, but I don't intend on buying a movie considering I'll only watch a movie one or two times. What's a great alternative? Neflix offers unlimited movie rentals for the low (and I mean low) price of $8 a month. You can stream movies directly to your computer or even your television if you have the right set up. Movies on Netflix are available, most of the time, before they're even released on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Netflix may also offer TV shows, but none of the popular stuff like Family Guy, House, or even How I Met Your Mother. So I'd say sticking with Apple for that would be your best choice.

Note: Netflix is only available to those who live in Canada or or the U.S.A.

Now that you're watching television, what if you feel like talking to an old girlfriend or your buddy from way back in college?

There's quite a few alternatives when it comes to VOIP (Voice over internet Protocol , or Internet calling in layman's terms). You can go corporate with Skype offering numerous packages for home and cellphone calling, or you can go free with Gmail if you live in the Canada or U.S.A.

Gmail offers free calls to all Canadian and American landlines and some mobiles in the same area. The downside to Gmail's calling service is that nobody can call you back, or even leave a voicemail. This service is also only free if you live in the U.S.A. or Canada. If you live elsewhere, here are the rates. Nor is it usable on most smartphones.

Skype though, comes in to save the day with okay high quality calling rates.

Here are the monthly rates: Link

Here are the "Pay as you Go rates" : Link

You can also use your Skype for SMS: Link

Note: Different rates apply for different regions.

Overall, I admit, it would be a bit of a difficulty to manage all these services as a whole, but in turn you'd be saving lots of money. Obviously having a huge bandwidth would be the best for this type of arrangement. So, I say, before you think of doing this you should check out what internet services are available to you in your region and whether it would be worth the money you save or not.

Happy internet basing your life, and have a good day :)

Note: There are obviously other service providers that may or may not have better prices and transfer rates, though these are my favourite and deemed the best in my opinion.

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