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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The problem that the +1 button had when it launched was a lack of share ability, a lack of understanding of what it did and meant, and a lack of users. Now, however, it is a worthy opponent to Like.

As Google Plus skyrocketed faster than any other social network, it is guaranteed that there are now enough people to put the +1 button on sites to good use.

As for a lack of understanding, that came with its novelty. The +1 button is the Google Plus equivalent to the Facebook like. It allows users to rate a site and make it findable through search engines. While Google uses the +1 feature to drive its results, Microsoft’s Bing uses the Facebook like and actively integrates Facebook into its search engine.

Now, the final component that was missing to match the Like button has been achieved. Until recently, if you +1ed a page, your friends – who have a Gmail account – would know what you +1ed when they make a search and your favorite is indicated. Otherwise, there is a +1 tab on your Google profile – I doubt that many people activated it and I doubt that anyone will attempt to search through one of those pages – mine is a zoo and I didn’t make mine public.

As of recently, you can now +1 and share a website at the same time – something that Facebook had already mastered.

In Facebook and Google Plus, you can like, plus one, and add a comment to your new status but Google + stands out by allowing you to decide who you are going to share it with and show you how it will look before it enters your stream. If you don’t click Share on Google+, it will not enter the stream.




If you want to see it at work, click the +1 button below and try it out for yourself – you must have a Google + Account to reach the full benefit. Anyone with a Google account can +1 an article.

If you use blogger and want to get the plus one button installed easily, read this tutorial.

Google +1 on Your Blogger Blog

If you are a blogger and want the plus one button and your other sharing buttons on a horizontal line, read this tutorial.

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