Windows 7 [Tip]: Pinning Websites to your Superbar

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Many of us know, from using IE9 that you can pin your favourite websites to the Superbar. Myself, I dislike IE9 due to it's lack of addon support and customizability. Here's my solution for any web browser.

Create your shortcut
Right click in any folder and select New ~ Shortcut. In the path name type in the URL of your favourite website. Click next then name your bookmark.

Find, and download the website icon
For most websites including facebook and Google+ you can find their icon by adding /favicon.ico to the end of their URL. If not, just search it on FindIcons.

Changing the icon of your newly made shortcut

Right click the website's shortcut you previously made to enter the "properties". Click "Change Icon". Browse to where you saved the icon, select and open it. Click ok.

Here come's the complicated part.

Creating the toolbar
Make a new folder, named whatever you wish. Right click the superbar and select Toolbars ~ New Toolbar...

Navigate to the folder you've just created. Select it and click "Open". You'll see your folder in the Superbar.

Last but not least, Add the shortcut you previously made into the folder you previously created. Once all your favourite sites are added (and other shortcuts might that might be useful to you) it should look something like this:

Happy Pinning :)

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