My Eulogy for Steve Jobs

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an amazing individual, visionary, and not to mention, the Edison of our times. Apple would have been nothing today if not for the unique and truly imaginative ideas that Steve provided to the technology giant.

If we could take a step back to when Apple almost faced bankruptcy.

Steve Jobs decided to sell all but one of his Apple shares when it's stock market's value plummeted. Steve Jobs was called back, not only to help them advance in their endeavors, but also to have an inspiring person to look up to.

Now, in present and modern times, Steve Jobs still held Apple up and put his best foot forward.

Unfortunately, he has passed away. I hope and pray that Apple's employees, managers, developers, employees and others who are included in the development of Apple's products and software continue to remember Steve and use his inspiration to motivate them in continuing the legacy that is Steve Jobs+Apple.

I may not have known him, but I would have loved to have at least one conversation with him where I could ask him one single question. That question would have to be, if he would have lived his life any differently.

The best of my wishes go to Apple, their eployees, Steve's family and friends, along with all the people who closely followed Steve's endeavors, hoping to follow in his steps.

Yours Truly, Brandon Nolet

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