Windows 8 Consumer Preview in Review: The New Keyboard Shortcuts

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Windows 8 introduces a new way of looking at the traditional computer and for most, this list of keyboard shortcuts may come in handy.

When at the Desktop, hitting F3 or Windows+F will let you search for a file.

Windows+Tab now enables you to switch between metro apps instead of the fancy 3D program switcher that was in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Alt+Tab now allows you to switch between ANY windows – Metro or classic in one interface.

Ever needed to take a screenshot? Well before you have Print Screen which would copy a full screen shot to the clipboard for use somewhere. Windows 7 introduced Snipping tool which was very handy specific screenshots. Now there is Windows+Print Screen which inherits the function of Print Screen but will save a JPG file to your Pictures folder. It can also take captures of Metro apps which snipping tool cannot.

Windows+Q searches your apps.

Windows+W searches your settings.

Windows+E opens My Computer

Windows+R  opens he Run dialog

Windows+T displays the preview of each classical app in the taskbar.

Windows+U opens the accessibility center.

Windows+I opens the settings popup on the right hand side.

Windows+P opens the Second Screen dialog.

Windows+H is for Sharing.

Windows+K opens the devices center which only displays the option for second screen.

Windows+L locks your PC.

Windows+X opens a menu at the bottom left corner which gives you some administrative options.

Windows+C opens the new right hand settings bar that you would need to hover to the bottom right side to get and focuses on the Start button.

There will likely be many more short cut keys in Windows 8 that are new or inherited from previous versions of Windows. Have fun exploring them and feel free to comment with your discoveries below.

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