5th Gen. iPod Touch

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

With the announcement of the iPhone 5, along came with the announcement of the next generation iPod Touch. Beefed up specs and new hardware came with the new iPod Touch and the design is surely something to admire.


The iPod Touch was never a colorful device, now it is. Coming in 5 colors, the new design might make some fall in love with the iPod Touch all over again. Sporting a white front and your choice of color casing, it gives two-tone a whole new look. The back of the iPod features a textured look and feel as well as a sleek shiny Apple logo and iPod label.

Made of anodized aluminum, the casing is eco-friendly and smooth as silk; metal silk that is. Highly polished beveled edged will give it a nice quality feel and the lightness of the device itself will keep you focused on your content and not how you're carrying it.


The iPod Touch sucks at taking pictures and videos. You won't be saying this anymore! With a 5MP iSight Camera, a not-so-all-new panorama mode, and 1080p video recording, you'll be saying wow with every moment captured! Pictures in the dark don't have to be a problem anymore with the iPod Touch now featuring LED flash.

With the iPhone 5 getting a larger screen, it was only inevitable that the iPod Touch would get one too. Apple seems to be going bigger and better using the exact same screen for the iPod Touch. 44% more saturation will make those photos that most people are known to use the iPod Touch for look even better.

Tech Specs

Being the most powerful iPod ever, the new iPod Touch sports the same dual-core A5 processor the iPhone 4S does. With twice as much power and up to seven times as fast graphics speed, you won't be waiting on your iPod Touch, it will be waiting on you. Since the A5 chip is built to be efficient, it won't be a no-fun power hog. You can watch up to 8 hours of video or listen up to 40 hours of music on a single charge!

The iPhone 5 got smaller in some ways, well so did the iPod Touch. Being thinner and lighter, the iPod Touch comes in at 4.86 inches high, 2.31 inches wide, 0.24 inches thick and weighs in at 3.10 ounces. The iPod Touch also features the same dock connector as the iPhone 5, the 9-pin Lightning connector.

The screen resolution has been bumped up to 1136 by 640 pixels with 326 pixels per inch making for an absolutely beautiful Retina display.

Unlike the previous models, the iPod Touch only comes in two memory capacities. App junkies and audiophiles will be happy to know that a new 64 gigabyte iPod Touch model will be available as well as a 32 GB model. 

Pricing has been set at $299 for the 32GB model and 399$ for the 64GB model.

Stay tuned for more info on the other products announced September 12th, 2012!

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