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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I've made the decision to terminate my current contract with my Galaxy Nexus (keep it) and buy the iPhone 5. My experience with the Android device has not been blemished due to the actual device, but the App Store behind it. The apps are not only inconsistent, but they also lack a certain "genesayquoi". They aren't fluid, they aren't sleek (except for the special few) and I'm not going to wait for my favourite app to catch up to the latest and greatest technologies that are available to the developers. 

It's also unfeasible since more than half of Activated Android devices are still running gingerbread. Developers are more inclined to cater to the majority of Android users. This causes developers to be stuck with old API's and old UI's. Holo is absolutely beautiful and definitely up to par with iOS's UI. 

Unfortunately, the majority of developers are choosing to stick with the old and say too bad for the new.Not only are developers being outdated, but a lot of apps are too. For a lot of them, maybe even the majority, haven't been touched since Gingerbread was released! 

The Apple community is also a lot more vocal and conjoined. Whether it's Appadvice, 9to5Mac, or even AppleInsider, I can easily reach out to at least one of them, and get a savvy response without having to tell them which device I'm running or which version of firmware I'm running, or even worse, which ROM I'm running. 

Apple apps are just so much more qualitative than Android's. I can also reach out the developer, should I need to. If there's a problem with an App, the fix is out to the user as soon as Apple accepts it. I'm starting to be thankful for Apple's walled garden. It's what's gotten them their status. Now, there have been a few blunders I might admit, but what company hasn't had them. 

Not only are the apps of higher quality, but the devices work together much better than anything else I've seen. The iCloud montre of syncing everything back and forth is definitely worth the money. If I take a photo on my Phone, I want it to be on my desktop too. If I make a list in the reminders app on my Mac, I want to be able to get that list while I'm on the go as well. I could go on and on about all the syncing instances, but I think my point is clearly made. The ecosytem is "boss".

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