Getting Started with Windows 8 Series

Friday, August 17, 2012

Within the next few posts, I will show you the brand new Windows 8 from the inside and within these segments you will see what life is really like in Windows 8 RTM. From these articles – all attached to videos – hopefully you will be able to make up your mind on the operating system and formulate your opinions based on what you see and experience rather than what some authors on tech sites decide to say.

Windows 8 Pro is due for general availability on October 26, 2012 and will sell for $39.99 from Online Windows Stores or for $69.99 from your local retailer.

The operating system is due to release with better performance than Windows XP and Windows 7 noting its biggest improvements in start up and shut down times. It also, however, has new features that change the way Windows is used. From the app store to the Start screen to the abolition of the Start button and Start Menu, Windows 8 offers quite a bit in the “Modern” Windows experience.

Stay tuned to this post as I explore the new features and changes one by one and give you the exclusive inside look with tips tricks and insight. Let’s get started with Windows 8!

If you haven’t yet installed Windows 8, here is how to install it and get a 90-day evaluation view of the Enterprise version.

Installing Windows 8 RTM on any system

  1. The Start Screen
  2. The Store
  3. Exploring Installed Apps
  4. Settings and Customization
  5. Desktop Customization
  6. New Password Options
  7. Changing Default Programs
  8. Built-in Security
  9. Backing up Files
  10. Mounting Disk Images
  11. PDF Documents
  12. Playing Videos
  13. Getting and Playing Music
  14. Getting Classic Games
  15. Organizing Social Media
  16. Setting up Mail
  17. Using the Calendar
  18. Importing Pictures
  19. Libraries and Pinning to Taskbar
  20. Automatic Maintenance
  21. When things go wrong...
  22. Changing the Default Browser
  23. (Coming Soon)

If there is ever a tutorial you want me to make and add to this series (the list isn’t yet complete), do join us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) and let us know what tutorial or review or video you want me to make relating to the release of Windows 8.

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