Installing Windows 8 RTM on Any System

Thursday, August 16, 2012

UntitledInstalling Windows 8 RTM is very easy and straight forward but if you are using a system that uses a display of less than 1024X768 like an Aspire One Netbook which has a maximum resolution of 1024X600, then you will have some extra steps in order to be able to use the new features that come with Windows 8.

On a Standard Machine

  1. Buy Windows 8 from your retailer (starting October 26, 2012) or the Windows Store or download the 90 day Enterprise trial from Microsoft.
  2. Create your install media by burning the ISO image to a DVD or putting its contents on a USB (If you are using a netbook like the Aspire One, the USB key is the best way to go).
  3. Boot into the install media and follow the steps. 
  4. Choose Upgrade to upgrade or what I would recommend: Custom Install to do a clean and fresh installation of Windows. If you choose Custom, choose your partitioning scheme and continue.
  5. The install will automate and reboot twice.
  6. You will then hit the personalize menu where you choose the color scheme and name the computer along with account information. Choose Express settings to install if you want to save some time configuring your account.
  7. Trust the computer in your Windows Live ID once you get into Windows.

On the Aspire One

  1. Follow steps 1 to 6 in the Standard install scheme and then apply the registry fix.
  2. Trust the computer in your Windows Live ID once you get into Windows.
The video below should aid with the installation process. If you aren't running the Aspire One or a computer that doesn’t open Internet Explorer because the screen resolution isn’t good then you can stop following the video at the point where I reach the start menu for the first time.

Once the installation is done, you may want to see what’s new with your system. If you want to see it before hand, join our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) and follow the Windows 8 feed to get all the latest information and reviews.

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