Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha To Debut

Thursday, November 24, 2011

While we don't really follow Ubuntu releases very closely most of the time, this one is one to definitely be excited for.

Mark Shuttleworth says that this will be the release to end all [or most] criticisms. He also says that most complaints are coming from two different bug, and the fixes for them go in two completely different directions with two different desires. "Bug (a) says an action should go left, Bug (b) says it should go right". Hopefully the Mark is right and we'll see a properly developed Unity and not one that overcompensates and confuses the user

Lately, Ubuntu has been losing popularity and people have been complaining about Unity a lot; they have complained over, and over, and over. However, the Ubuntu team has been hard at work and hopefully it will bring Ubuntu's praise back to what it used to be. Personally, I'm a fan of Unity and I think it's okay at the moment. But I also think that it could be so much better in terms of overall appearance and also the whole interface of it, although certain sections need to be more improved than others. Along the lines of customizeability, it's got a long way to go.

All in all, we look forward to testing the Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha when it's released.

Note: You can download the daily build here. We recommend using a Virtual Machine to test these images as they are PRE-ALPHA.

Happy Ubuntu'ing

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