YouTube Lacks Support for Multiple Uploaders: Problem?

Monday, October 29, 2012

YouTube is a great tool for collaborating, advertising and making money, but they don't make it easy. YouTube seems to lack support for multiple user accounts uploading into the same channel. The whole thing can become troublesome and quite an annoyance if encountered often enough.

There's no denying that being able to upload from your personal Google account to - let's say - a blog's YouTube channel would be amazing, but Google just hasn't thought of it yet. So here's what's proposed:

  1. A petition signed with emails and names signed by over 100,000 individuals
  2. A letter to Google outlining what is asked of them
  3. Various customer testimonies

Within the next few days, using Google Drive, a form will be created and published via CSIYF, Facebook, Google+ and most of all Twitter. The form will feature options to enter your name, your email, and a personal message. 

All entries will be recorded in a Google Spreadsheet and once our goal of 100,000 unique emails has been reached, an email with a letter and said Spreadsheet will be sent to Google's YouTube department as well as several other departments. We suggest you check in daily as this form will be available shortly.

Have a nice day.

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