Windows 8.1 May Bring Back the Start Button

Monday, April 22, 2013

Windows 8.1 leaks have been occurring left, right, and center these days along with not only rumors, but confirmed code. So far we've heard of 'kiosk mode', and that Windows 8.1 will feature a boot to desktop option, but something else seems to be astir in the tech blogosphere.

According to The Verge and their sources who are familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed that the Start button that everybody misses so dearly is set to return to a desktop near you! While ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley previously wrote on the matter, it's only recently that we are receiving multiple confirmations for these plans.

Many say the Microsoft killed the start button, when is not the case. They've simply moved it off screen. Out of sight, where you can't see it. They've created a steep learning curve for those not technologically inclined and made it difficult, for those who are forced to work with Windows 8, to adapt. While Microsoft previously explained their reasoning, customers have still been begging for the portal to return to it's original positioning.

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