Apple Unveils iCloud

Monday, June 6, 2011

Apple has introduced the iCloud which is their equivalent to Ubuntu One and Windows Live Mesh. It will allow Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users to synchronize their devices using the cloud.
The New iCloud comes with New Services.

The former MobileMe services are all going to work in iCloud.

The App Store and iBookstore download apps and books to all of the Apple devices that are connected to iCloud rather than the one that it was purchased on. The new iCloud will also let you see your download history.

It will also back up your files and apps to the cloud and if you get a new device, the files will restore themselves once the Apple id has been entered in the device.

All of Apple’s productivity apps will be synchronized as well. Users will get 5GB of online storage with their iCloud accounts. If 5GB isn’t enough, users can buy more.

With iCloud’s new Photo Stream service, if a person takes pictures or films something with their iPhone, the pictures will be on their Mac or iPad when they get home without doing anything, if the person uses a PC, it goes to the Pictures folder. The pictures will be stored in the Cloud for 30 days before being deleted unless the user saves them to a folder in the cloud to make space for new data to be synchronized.

Media content that was purchased with iTunes can be re-downloaded whenever it need be for no extra cost. The new iCloud will also ensure that the content that was purchased in iTunes gets synchronized with the other devices.

The beta version of iCloud is available at and will be included with iOS 5 which comes out this fall. Users can sign up for it using their Apple devices running iOS 5 or Mac OS X Lion with a valid Apple ID. It will include 5GB of space for Mail, Document Storage and backup.

Purchased music, apps, books and Photo stream don’t count against the storage limit. To ensure that music is properly synchronized, users can get iTunes Match for $USD 24.99 annually in the US only.

It is available in the US and requires iTunes 10.3 and iOS 4.3.3 for Apple systems and will require Windows Vista or Windows 7 and recommends Office Outlook 2007 for accessing contacts and calendars.

While Apple released this new iCloud, let’s compare it with other synchronization services that already exist.

Feature iCloud Windows Live Mesh Ubuntu One
Free Storage 5 GB 5 GB + 25 GB in extra storage 2 Gb
Log-on Apple ID Windows Live ID Ubuntu ID
Syncs with: Mac OS X Lion +
Windows Vista +
iPod Touch*
*iOS 4.3.3 or Newer
Mac OS X Leopard +
Windows Vista +
Cell Phones
What it Syncs Files

Office 2010
IE settings
Cost Free*
*Until further notice
Free Free

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