Nitro PDF Reader: A Tabbed Way to Deal with PDF Files

Saturday, June 25, 2011

imageIf you want a PDF reader that is slic, tabbed and has the Windows 7 Ribbon interface, Nitro PDF reader may be your selected software. While Adobe Reader and Google Chrome will always be the standard in reading PDFs – depending on how you use them, this program may be interesting for those that are compelled to try out new software or like the features that it contains which will be discovered in this article as part of this First Look.

The first noticeable thing about Nitro PDF Reader is that it has a similar interface to the Office 2010 suite and fits right in with its Windows 7 surroundings.

The ribbon only has 2 tabs, one which you will use, the Help one which you likely won’t.

The Reader will allow you to create PDF files from a variety of different file formats including various picture formats,  HTML files, Corel Word Perfect and Office Documents to name the gist of it.

It can also convert the entire document to a text file and abandon the images or extract every image from the PDF file to the folder of your choosing. 
If you are reading a long document, the software will allow you to highlight, cross out, and underline text. It will also allow you to add a note which will add a sticky note where you click on the document.

imageIf you ever needed to edit a PDF document directly, use the ‘Type Text’ tool click on a spot where you want to type and you will be greeted by a new Ribbon tab that will give you all of the formatting tools that you need to apply the edit.

If you need to select something or take a snapshot of a part of the document, the select tool has you covered.

Navigating through the document is easy and if you are using several documents, the tabs will come in handy. However, separate tabs will not be accessible through the taskbar.

But if you need to look at two documents side by side, right clicking the tab and selecting ‘New Vertical Tab Group’ will allow you to do so.

Navigation is very similar to Adobe Reader. It will allow you to view the pages, bookmarks, and comments on the left hand side.


If you’ve ever had top read PDF files on a bus ride or on a small display where the keyboard is convenient and end up hitting the wrong button and lose your place, Nitro PDF Reader has a nice feature for you… a back and forward button. It is as simple as it sounds. Should you go somewhere else in the document by mistake, or maybe you head off to page 15 and you need something on page 2 without knowing it was on page 2 but you were there a few seconds ago, this program will have you covered – something that Adobe Reader won’t!
As for full screen, it will allow you to read documents full screen in two ways. You can see two pages at a time and scroll or one and that can be changed by toggling the controls in the bottom part of the program.

Some other noticable and handy features includes the ability to preview PDF files that are in your attachments section in Outlook.

If you use the preview feature in Windows, you would know that Adobe Reader won't let you preview PDF files. Nitro PDF reader on the other hand, will.

It will also allow you to view PDF files in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Download Links For Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader 32 bit
Nitro PDF Reader 64 bit

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