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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recently, I've decided to use Ubuntu has my primary Operating System thanks to some help from a certain package easily found in the Ubuntu Software Center.

The Ubuntu Software center was introduced with the 10.04 release. I had tried Ubuntu several times before it, but decided to switch back to Windows because I wasn't satisfied. Whether it was Runescape that didn't work, or I just couldn't find the right alternative to a certain Windows program I regularly used for Ubuntu. There were many different reasons.

All these reasons were diminished and shot down by this one package. Ubuntu Restricted Extras.

What this package does is install most of the essential plugins and codecs that are required to run most of the mainstream 'stuff' the tech and internet world throws at you.

"It is a meta-package that installs:

^ Provided thanks to Wikipedia article ubuntu-restricted-extras

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