Google Plus Needs Fan Pages Now if it wants to Curb Fake Accounts

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Google had better bring its business pages feature to Google Plus and fast. People who have blogs, who own a business, or want to promote a website want to be a part of the Google Plus wave. However, the only way they can take such a part is to create a Gmail account for their site or business and create a Google Plus account for that business or site.

With Google now deciding to delete accounts whom have false names en mass, people who want to use Google Plus to promote their goods and services have no place to go and if Google waits, it will be too little too late as these individuals look elsewhere and further establish themselves on Facebook.

What is the use for a blogger with multiple blogs on Google Plus if he can’t have a page to promote each blog? To connect with 20 million people whom he doesn’t know? Just because 20 million eager tech enthusiasts made the switch, doesn’t mean the masses will follow. many of my friends are reluctant to jump on board and that is to say the least.

As a tech enthusiast, I like Google Plus and find its quality to top Facebook's, however, as much as I like the new clean UI, quick response times, seamless integration, and some of the outstanding features, I will still be on Facebook.

Google has to realize that not everything that people do wants to be linked exclusively to their personal profile. If you have a website, you may want an email for the website as a means to organize messages and not expose your personal email to the masses who look at the site. If you have a business, the same applies.

Google must respect that and if they want to avoid fake names, they should introduce their pages infrastructure now and let people phase in before making issues that will turn its 20 million people off and stem Google’s wanted growth to compete with Facebook.

However, until Google gets the pages set up so people can become fans of things and follow what they like in the Facebook platform, Google should get off its high horses before it kills what could be a great thing for its reputation and its customers – and needless to say, it is better to only kick them off of Google Plus than take everything else away with it.

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