New Features Coming to Google Plus

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google Plus is growing fast and it will soon be getting new features to establish itself as a real alternative to Facebook.

Games is one of the new features that are coming to Google Plus. Zynga is reported to be involved in the new gaming interface so Farmville invites will soon clutter Google Plus as well. A launch date and platform isn’t yet set but it is expected to kick in soon. It may also include payment options for paid apps.

Google recently acquired Fridge – a startup social network that uses groups as the main platform for managing friends, photos and events. Fridge will be integrated into Google Plus which means that Circles may get new functionality – or an overhaul.

Google is working on bringing business pages to Google Plus – however, the current set up is fine to create a fan page with the existing nature of Google Plus’s follow feature where you follow people – or businesses in your circles. However, it would be nice to have the equivalent of Facebook pages, with a Plus One button where people can easily add the page to their sites but with Google Plus’s current interface, making the +1 have an option to add a page/person to circles built in may be the best idea for the businesses who are in need of representation.

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