IE 9 Beats Chrome Every Step of the Way

Thursday, August 4, 2011

For those of you who think that you are getting better security with Google Chrome, think again. When it comes to malicious attacks, IE 9 stops what Google Chrome doesn’t.

As you can see in the videos below, Ed Bott tests the exact same virus from the exact same site from the exact same Google search in both Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. The result: IE 9 tells you to delete the file and not to run it, Chrome downloads it and lets you run it anyway. It only took 4 clicks in Chrome to get infected.

Chrome Results

IE 9 Results

Every download you make in IE 9 goes to its SmartScreen filter – unlike Chrome that allows you to decide what to do with the file – which can lead to a disaster if social engineering worked well. IE 9’s SmartScreen tests the reputation of a file. It is so secure that it even blocked an unsigned Microsoft Program a while back.

In fact, Microsoft’s researchers have found that 96% of files that IE 9’s filter will warn you about are unsigned and unknown files which should cause you to become more suspicious as to whether or not it is safe.

eb008 - these warning have made a dent in infection rates.jpg

With this system, no domain or file gets a free pass—not even a new signed release from Microsoft or Google. Every file has to build a reputation in order to get passed IE 9’s security barrier.

IE 9 is the only browser that offers this feature and this protection. From stats that were gathered during IE 9’s beta period, 95% of previously undetected malware is now either deleted or not run by the user.

IE 9’s security features far out beat and outpace its competition, especially a growingly poplar Google Chrome. IE 9’s security structure is one that Google should take note on if it expects to keep its user base coming.

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