K-Lite Codec Pack: Your solution to the unplayables

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From time to time, I'm sure anyone and everyone finds a video or audio file that cannot be played. Whether it's an FLV(Flash Video) file or an m4a file, they usually can't be played by default on a Windows machine. K-lite Codec Pack fixes all this and more.

K-lite comes in several bundles that vary in physical size from 5.2mb to 19.2mb. These packages also vary in which codecs are supported. The supported codecs for each bundle can be found here.

Now, for Windows 7 and Vista, I would recommend downloading at least the Standard bundle because the majority of the Codecs in the basic bundle are already in W7.

But for Windows XP, even the basic would help you.

Every bundle except for the basic bundle comes with it's own "Media Player Classic" (No it looks nothing like the old Windows Media Player).

You can pick and download which bundle you want at this page.

Happy Watch/Listening :)

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