Windows 8 Developer Preview available tonight! [Update]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today was the Build - Windows webcast and we here at CSIYF are very excited for Windows 8 to be released as the developer preview later on tonight.

The Windows 8 build webcast has just finished and here are a few of the main outlined features:

  • Windows 8 will feature a new GUI called metro which is integrated within windows
  • A new runtime called WinRT is integrated and let's programmers and developers easily turn their own currently written applications from any programming language into the Metro Style apps
  • These Metro style apps will be full screen apps that can be viewed in either complete full screen, 1/4 + another app, or 3/4 screen with another app
  • Windows 8 still can run all the important Win32 applications that we all know and run today in Windows 7
  • Windows 8 will use less memory, less hard drive space, less CPU and less overall power thanks to the "reimagining" of Windows
  • The new Metro UI will feature Cloud-based applications like Mail or Skydrive integration. The tiles in the Metro UI can either be static (non moving) or dynamic (e.g. notifications, updates, etc.)
  • You can always use whichever GUI you want to use (depending on whether your program/application is available for both the Windows 7 UI and/or the Metro UI)
  • and much much more!

The Windows 8 Dev Preview will be available for download here at 8pm PT/11pm ET (According to Microsoft  President of the Windows Division at Microsoft, Steven Synofsky at the Build - Windows keynote broadcast this morning)

Update: Microsoft was wrong (this time it's a good thing). The DevPrev is up for download now!

More on the features once the Dev Preview has been looked through and analyzed by yours truly

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