Google Cloud Connect for Office: No Need to Upgrade Your Office Software

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

imageIn Office 2010, Microsoft released a new feature that allows users to collaborate on documents by synchronizing hem through Skydrive. In order to be able to use the feature, you absolutely had to upgrade to Office 2010. Now say that you are working with a friend who is exclusively on Gmail – and hence can’t access Skydrive, or neither of you are using Office 2010 simultaneously. With Google Connect for Office, synchronizing documents has been made easier.

Cloud Connect will work in Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 and essentially allows you and a friend to work on office documents simultaneously in Office. All it will do is install a plugin to Office and enable all of the benefits of Google’s cloud services on your desktop.

If you want to have a second backup by syncing to a Gmail account or are dissatisfied with the built in synchronization technology of Microsoft Office or find Office Live apps in Skydrive to be subpar for what you need on the go, or don’t have Office 2010, this is your best bet to keeping synchronized with your colleagues and away from your home computer.

Google will give each significantly changed document its own web address which allows the usage of its Revision history if you made a mistake and want to revert.

Say that you don’t want the person with whom you are sharing the document the permission to edit it, Google will give this person a read-only link where they will be able to view or download the document from Google Docs.

Google has made it easy to keep your documents in sync without the need for upgrading your software.

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