iDevice Tweak [QuickReview]: Color Keyboard

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Have you ever wanted to change the color of the keys on your iDevice's keyboard? Well now you can do that and more with Color Keyboard!

You have the option to change the keyboard colors, the background, and the color the key turns when a key is pressed. All these options are located in the iDevice's "Settings" Application.

The "Themes are the color of the actual keyboard when it's not being pressed or anything. Some keyboard themes only change the keyboard's colors when you DON'T have a background. Otherwise it'll either just be tinted, or the keys will be completely non-existent (aka transparent). 

The PopUp key is the color of the key that appears above your finger when you press a key (excluding return/send/go, abc/123, spacebar, and the shift/caps lock button)

Customize backgrounds gives you the choice to make both your portrait keyboard (upright position) and your landscape (sideways position) keyboard have different backgrounds. You can either select one of the three default backgrounds that are given, or you can choose your own pictures. 

The border radius is how "big" your keys are. The only difference that I've noticed is in the popup keys when you're selecting an alternate key (e.g. holding the 'e' key and selecting 'é')

To be honest, this is the one tweak that will ALWAYS be in my Jailbreaking repertoire. It does what it's supposed to and has never given me any sort of problem.

Happy Jailbreaking :)

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