Fluid: Making Your Favorite Websites Apps on Mac

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My favorite feature in Windows 7 was the ability to pin my favorite websites to the task bar in Internet Explorer 9. My apps would include Facebook and Google+ and Blogger along with Gmail and Hotmail. This feature allowed me to not only see and identify these sites as unique in my tab filled browsers, but also to take full advantage of the Windows notification system. If I received a new email, the Hotmail web app would have an indicator. Same goes with Facebook and its notifications. When I started using Mac OS X, I instantly missed these features - until today.

With a small free program called Fluid, I get this functionality on my Mac. If you pay $5 more, you get a few more features but the free version won't hinder you from great performance and features (as is the trend with most of the Mac apps that I have seen). What the utility does is turns the website that I feed it into an app which I can then pin to my dock. Facebook, Gmail, and Hotmail receive indicators and the icon for Google + actually renders properly!

Fluid is easy to use and stays out of the way.

When you hit create, it will prompt you to launch or acknowledge the creation. You can find the app in your Applications Folder with your other apps and web apps.

You can drag these apps to the dock some select ones will notify you if something new happens.

You can download Fluid from their website or click the link below.

Download Fluid


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