iOS 5 Drops October 12th [Update: Assistant, Video Coverage Link]

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

 Click to enlarge - Apple's invitation picture to the event (Clever eh?)

The Apple "Let's Talk iPhone" event has just finished and there are a series of huge announcements. Here's what you missed:

  • Going against many of the famous rumors, there is no iPhone 5, only an iPhone 4S
  • iOS 5 is going to be released just 8 days after today (along with iCloud), unlike the original 10 days that Apple usually gives
  • iOS 5 will feature a brand new (and unannounced) feature called Assistant [Only available for the iPhone 4S]
  • A new app is going to be released by Apple dubbed Cards
  • The iPod touch will be available in a (unexpected) white version
  • A brand new iPod Nano with a price drop. "Most affordable nano ever!"

iPhone 4S

Click to enlarge - Image source: engadget

The iPhone 4S boasts capabilities of being compatible with both CDMA and GSM cellular service providers. On top of that, inside the iPhone 4S is the Dual Core Apple A5 processor and an 8 Megapixel camera with improved auto-white balance and face detection. 

Apple plans to release the iPhone 4S in over 70 countries and to over 100 mobile service providers by the end of the year.   (Sprint finally gets an iPhone!) Apple calls it "the most amazing iPhone ever."

iOS 5 + iCloud

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iOS 5 has so many new features, too many to go into, so I'm just going to go through a few of my favourites.

Camera's Lock Screen Trigger
iOS 5 will now let you take a picture, straight from your iDevice's lock screen! No more finagling to get to your camera as quick as possible. 

Assistant is no regular voice recognition system. It enables you to speak naturally and do anything your iDevice could do before, handsfree. It can answer texts, make appointments, perform Google searches. I imagine that many new apps will emerge based on assistant.  (According to Gizmodo, Assistant will only be available for the iPhone 4S. Damn you Apple, damn you.)

Notifications (a la Android)
A new system called notifications will be released in iOS 5. Think Android's notification system, but from Apple (aka less buggy and much more sleek and sexy).
iCloud is everything it was thought up to be. Online storage for all your images, music, contacts, calendar events and much more. It wirelessly syncs to the cloud and pushes your data to all your other Apple Account enabled devices. 

A new app that Apple will be boasting, is one dubbed Cards. This will let you send greetings cards (and other types I would imagine), a la Apple design. All you need to do is select a picture and text,  and Apple does the rest for you (even mails'em too!). To mail to the US it costs $2.99USD and anywhere else in the world is set at $4.99USD

White iPod Touch
There's nothing much to say about the iPod Touch except that it's getting a bit of a price drop and a new white version will be available. The 8GB at $199USB, 16GB at $299USD, and the 64GB at $399USD.

Release Dates

  • iPhone 4S:
    Pre-order: This Friday, Oct. 7th
    Available: Next
    Wednesday, Oct 12th
  • iPod Touch White
    Pre-order: Now
    Ships by: Next Wednesday, Oct 12th
  • iOS 5: October 12th
Watch the Apple event here! :

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