Mountain Lion on Your PC: Fixing Broken Kexts

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Once you have Mountain Lion installed, you will notice that its functionality is reduced and that you can't enter the system without the nv_disable=1 boot flag. In this post, we will fix your Mountain Lion installation by first, installing a bootlader so you won't need the install USB, we will then fix the audio, followed by the internet, and finally the graphics. Once all these fixes are applied, you can restart your hackintosh and enjoy its new features without any hassles.

The first thing you need to do is go to and download any kexts that you may require for your system.
Next, you need to download my Mountain Lion pack which includes all the kexts that are needed for systems similar to P5KPL-CM with Nvidea Geforce 8400 graphics. 
Download the Mountain Lion Pack

Installing a Bootloader and Fixing Audio

  1. Extract the Mountain Lion pack that you downloaded and run MultiBeast 4.6.1.
  2. In the options, choose EasyBeast and VoodooHDA audio settings. 
  3. Finally Select the System Utilities option that will repair permissions after the new kexts and boot loader are installed. EasyBeast comes with Chimera boot loader.

Fixing the Internet

  1. Drag your internet-related kext into Kext Utility and let it install. 
  2. After a reboot, the internet will be fully functional but don't reboot yet.

Fixing Clock Settings

If you are dual or triple booting OS X Mountain Lion with Windows and/or Ubuntu, this installer will fix the time discrepancy when switching between operating systems. 

  1. Run the Localtime-Toggle.pkg file in the Mountain Lion Pack.

Fixing the Graphics

If you don't have the Geforce 8400 or similar graphics card, the only part of this reparation that will be relevant to you is the EFI string that you need to add to the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file in the Extra folder.

Install the Kexts

  1. Open Kext Wizard in the Graphics folder in the Mountain Lion Pack and drag the three kexts into the Installation Tab. 
  2. Click install, enter your password.
  3. Then load each of the kexts into the Kext Info tab and click Load.
  4. Once this is all complete, go to the Maintenance tab and Rebuild the Cache. 
  5. Close Kext Wizard

Modify the Boot File

In the Mountain Lion Pack, I've included EFI Studio which is used to get device property strings that can be used to tell the boot loader to activate a graphics card or other device during boot.

  1. Run EFI Studio, choose your device and select Add Device.
  2. Once this is done, a window will pop up with a bunch of code and a series of numbers. From this point on, just click Hex String to Clipboard.

It is now time for the fun to begin.

  1. Open the Finder and go to the Go menu on top. In that menu, select Computer.
  2. You will now see all of the partitions that are present on your computer. Double click on the partition to which Mountain Lion is installed. You will see a few folders, but the important one is the Extra folder. 
  3. Open that folder and you will see the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file that we need to edit. Double click on it, choose a place near the bottom and go to the Edit menu and Paste - notice the long string of numbers just appeared!
  4. Encase those numbers in <string> </string> tags. Refer to the boot file in the Extra folder of the Mountain Lion Pack as a guide.
  5. Just before this string, you need to add a new key so type <key></key>. Inside this key, type: device-properties, Once this is done, your code should look like the following - with the string of numbers varying in accordance to your device.


Your org.chameleon.Boot.plist should look like this before you then save it by going to the File Menu and selecting Save.
Once this is done you can reboot into your Hackintosh partition and everything will work.

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