8GB Nexus 4 out of Stock...Once Again! [UPDATE]

Sunday, December 2, 2012

That didn't take long. The Nexus 4's 8GB model seems to be out of stock once again. Looks like LG can't keep up with production demands!

After shipping estimates went up to 9-10 weeks, the 8GB Nexus 4 was finally marked as Sold Out in the Google play store. This means that those looking to purchase the internet-deemed 'superphone' are forced to wait another three months while production runs in the background.

The 16GB model is still available although there's no telling how long that'll last.

This could prove to either be a problem for LG and Google or a huge market boost.

Problem: Users already looking to get the Nexus 4 might decide to settle for another phone of equivalent value, however value is relative. Surely those in desperate need for a smartphone, or any type of mobile telephone, won't wait for LG to restock the Play store's shelves.

Market Boost: Those looking for smartphones who weren't originally planning on buying the Nexus 4 may change their mind in seeing this sort of news figuring since it's out of stock so often, that it might just be worth getting. Again, worth is relative.

Update: The 16GB model has also been marked as sold out. Sorry guys.

What do you think? Are Google and LG irresponsible or is this some sort of marketing ploy? Sound off in the comments below.

Update #2: Since the writing of this article, the Nexus models have been restocked and look to be here to stay that way.

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