Moving Contacts from Gmail to Apple's Address Book

Monday, January 28, 2013

Are you moving into Apple's ecosystem? Just taking a dip? Moving your contacts to one ecosystem to another isn't the easiest, nor is it the simplest. We'll show you an quick way (short of using third party software) to transfer your contacts over.

Firstly, you'll want to open up your browser on the desktop. Whether you have Chrome, Firefox or even cringe Internet Explorer, the procedure is the same.

Logging into Gmail, you'll want to head into your contacts.

Hit export and you should be greeted with a pop-up similar to this one:

Click the vCard Format radio button and hit export.

Once that's done, email the file to the appropriate recipient, and have them open the attachment on a Mac or iOS device. You will then be prompted like so:

Tapping add all contacts will bring up a small menu at the bottom giving you the option to either Merge with existing contacts, or create new contacts. Choose the one that is more fitting to your needs.

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