Ubuntu Mobile OS gets teased

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ubuntu for Android, released back in 2012, proposed quite a bit for Canonical's foray into the mobile platform and it looks like they were just getting started! Ubuntu Phone is now a thing; a popular one at that.

Ubuntu Phone boasts an innovative look at the mobile interface. With plenty of the well known features of Ubuntu packed into it, the new OS is said to present a whole new way to use the mobile phone where content will be the centre focus on your smartphone's display.

Running native core apps, unlike Android, java won't be in the way so it runs well on even entry level phones. Taking Java out of the equation gives apps the ability to run swift and smoothly, with a smaller memory footprint as well as a smaller battery hit.

Let's talk about the interface. Swipe in from the left and a list of icons representing all your favourite apps transitions into the left side of the screen. Tapping and holding an icon would give you the title of the application the icon selected would represent.

Swiping in from the bottom would bring up any toolbars that the running app had in it's repertoire. Any menu type buttons and extra functions would go here and be hidden until swiping up from the bottom of the display.

 Swiping in from the right would bring the last visited app into the display, essentially creating a system-wide back button. Need to go back and check a phone number to send to a friend? Swipe in from the right. Writing a quick article and quoting another? Swipe in from the right. Surely users will find a bunch more uses than I can.

Along with native apps, like Ubuntu's desktop counterpart, web apps are also a possibility. With the web app API, developers can easily and fluidly install their websites as full apps. Gmail, Facebook and Twitter are just a few examples of sites that have already adapted their code in order to support this API.

Web apps, though, are not the focus here. Native apps for the Ubuntu Phone will have a mobile SDK to take advantage of the blazing fast processors that are out there as well as give you the gorgeous and unique Ubuntu feel.

Search is now faster and simpler than ever. A search will list any type of media from any source on your phone. Not only does search tap into your phone, it also uses the power of the internet. Searching for a person? Ubuntu will hit up your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as your local contact list. Looking for a movie? Searching Amazon and other film outlets is a snap! So is checking the local movie theaters.

Canonical puts out the Ubuntu as a phone that is all the more personal. Not only is there no lock screen, but there's also a welcome screen featuring all your latest updates, emails, notifications etc.

Keeping everything neat and organized seems to be cinch for Ubuntu Phone. Swiping left to right from home screen to home screen will change filters from apps to videos or from people to music. Everything seems to be just enough in reach to be simple, but out of your way enough to keep it unique. 

For those who love to chat it up and keep connected with others, messaging has become simpler on the Ubuntu Phone. Just like Ubuntu, notifications are pulled from all sorts of services and featured all in one simple easy to follow list. Like so: 

Not only is the Ubuntu phone good at organizing your textual information, it also does wonders with your visual data as well. With a nice photo layout, you'll be saying wow, even at the wows in the photos! 

That seems to be all for now. Hopefully we'll be able to get a first-hand review of the device and hopefully we'll be amazed then just as much as we are! We'll keep you updated.

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