Ubuntu 13.04 Available for Download!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's been a long road, though not longer than most, but the next iteration of Ubuntu Linux is available for stable public use! Dubbed Raring Ringtail, Ubuntu 13.04 features a plethora of new features and performance improvements on features previously available. Stay tuned for our full review! For now, let's take a look at what's changed:

Sync Menu

Ubuntu 13.04 features an all new sync menu. This menu will let you control various controls of Ubuntu's cloud storage solution, Ubuntu One. Monitoring recent/current transfers as well as turning on or off the sync couldn't be easier to access.

Ubuntu One Sync Menu

Social Media

Thanks to settings introduced in 13.04, you can now turn on and off certain social media accounts, as well as their containing options, without losing all your login configurations. 

New Social Media Settings


Speaking of social media, you now have a social lens in the Unity Dash, letting you view recent status updates, tweets and any other shenanigans your buddies may have been up to. This lens will also allow you to comment, reply, like, or even retweet what you decide to preview.

Unity's Photo Lens, Photos From my Facebook

In addition, there have been multiple background improvements to Unity, making it smoother as well as faster. 

Session dialogues are now themed to look like the rest of Unity in the effort to unify and complete the look.

Unity-themed Session Dialogue


  • Workspaces is no longer included in the Unity Bar by default
  • Firefox, LibreOffice, Python and File Manager as well as other software included has been updated to their latest versions at the time of release
  • Ubuntu 13.04 is based off of the v3.8.8 upstream Linux kernel
  • Social networking is handled now by the Friends application rather than the Gwibber backend used in previous model
There are a ton more bits and bots that have changed, but these are the ones deemed most important. Be on the lookout for more Ubuntu news, reviews and gadgets that you can use!

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