AutoHotKey: Making your keyboard shortcuts very,very, customizable

Monday, April 11, 2011

AutoHotKey is, in my opinion, one of the greatest software developments in history. I have always wanted the freedom to add or modify keyboard shortcuts. Here's that chance.
From controlling iTunes in the blink of an eye, to starting a simple program like notepad, AutoHotKey gives you the freedom Linux (Ubuntu specifically) gives you in adding and modifying keyboard shortcuts.

Though that freedom is there, it comes with a small price to pay (which is optional); you must learn some coding.  It's relatively easy to learn and picks up quick. Click here or here to view the tutorial.

Once learned, you can trigger literally anything using a variety of keyboard key combinations.

As seen here you can search online for scripts within the AutoHotKey forums. The users there tend to be very advanced and friendly. If you're ever stuck on a certain script creation, just look up the forum and ask away for your personal scripting needs.

AutoHotKey also comes with a special recorder in case you need to automate specific tasks including mouse clicks, buttons being pressed, etc..

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