Apple Makes Macs Easy to Hack Out of the Box–or on the outside of the box

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You would be amazed at how shipping some simple information inside a box rather than outside would curb massive security threats that now encompass Apple’s new Macs. If the operating system itself didn’t get enough of a beating by malware, hackers can infiltrate your Mac with information that is displayed on stickers on the outside of the box.

Apple doesn’t take security seriously – even though that is what it is reputable for.

Some people don’t want their serial number to be seen. It turns out that Apple doesn’t share that view and in the process, all of the steps from manufacturing to a person’s front door contains places where people can see and jot down a Mac’s serial number.

If one thing is worth noting though, it is that all of the information that is required to track and get into a wireless server is printed conveniently on the box. This means that a knowledgeable computer person could jot down that information and hack your new Mac overnight.

To keep intruders off your tail, there is a MAC (Media Access Control) address that should only be known by the owner. It is printed on the box for everyone to see. It is one of the layers of security that come with a Mac and by being shown on the outside of the box, Apple puts its customers at risk of a clean hack.

Maybe it is time for Apple to put such important information onto a leaflet that will be sealed off with new and upcoming Macs. The simplest of ways that Apple could have kept its users safe was blown through the roof.

This is another blow for Apple in terms of security, what’s next? A Mac-wide conficker epidemic? If Apple doesn’t shape up soon, its platform will be a field day for those who are up to no good.

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