Google Bookmarks: Your Bookmarks, in the Cloud

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google Bookmarks is just another one of the great services that Google offers FREE due to it's ever-expanding Ad service.
Google Bookmarks (GB) allows you to store your bookmarks, add new ones and organize them all in lists. Recently implemented was a function so that you can also import them from Delicious either directly, or through Yahoo.

Along with list organization, you can also apply labels to each bookmark, the same like you would for a YouTube video. You add the tags in order to be able to find your bookmarks easier.

You can also view your bookmarks from literally anywhere you have internet access. Provided the software used to browse the web is of good enough quality that you can actually browse the html enabled web.

They also offer a Javascript Bookmarklet that enables you to bookmark the website/tab you are currently using.

Sadly, they don't offer Bookmark Syncing with Google Chrome yet, but it looks to be a feature we're looking forward to.

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