AeroRainbow: Rotating your Windows Glass Colors

Saturday, August 27, 2011

As we all know, Microsoft implemented a feature into Windows 7 that allows us to rotate the wallpaper on our desktop. What they forgot to implement was the capability to rotate the colors of our windows borders, or "Glass". AeroRainbow is your solution.

AeroRainbow is a small tool with an incredibly simple interface. This tool let's your rotate the color of your Windows Glass based on four different settings.

The first is "Always Random Color". This setting, as you guessed it, always puts out a random color based on your time preference. Now, the time setting meter, unfortunately, doesn't let you set the timing to something greater than 60 seconds. Hopefully this gets augmented to something of greater value.

The second setting rotates or sets the Glass color as the most prominent color in your current wallpaper. If your wallpaper rotates, the colors also will accordingly.

The third setting sets the color of your Glass to the most prominent color in the current window your browsing in (Not including the Glass.).

Last but not least, this setting rotates the colors based on your predefined timing and a list of colors that you may construct yourself. You can choose from default colors or define your own.

This program will not work on Windows Vista or anything earlier considering they do not have even the capabilities to change the color period.

Download AeroRainbow here

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