Windows 8 to Refine Windows Explorer and Include USB 3.0 Support

Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Windows 7, copying and moving files is easy and dealing with conflicts is a breeze. However, in Windows 8, expect some refinements that should make your screen less cluttered and give you more control.

Windows 7 is easy to use, however, if you make 6 different copy jobs at once, you get 6 different windows. If 25 files become conflicted, you get 25 windows of alerts asking you to deal with it. While Windows 7 makes dealing with this easy, Windows 8 will make it even easier.

Whenever you commit to several copy jobs, they will all appear in one window. As for more control, if you need to prioritize a copy job, then all you need to do is pause the others.

If you want to see more information about your copy – including the speeds and copy rates, click more details and you will see something new.

When it comes to conflicts, Windows will give you all of those decisions in one window and as a novelty, give you a preview of the two files that are conflicting – allowing you to use your better judgment.

You will first see this Window which lets you choose what to do and what will happen if you decide to choose the files to keep.

On top of this tweak to Windows Explorer, you will notice that a USB 3.0 device will be a lot faster than USB 2.0 and that Windows 8 will indeed support it.

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