Facebook gets a Highly Simplified, Google Plus Replica Status Updater

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Facebook has done it again, touching anything and everything. While the way people create statuses can be improved, it didn’t mean that the process needed to be stripped down.

Say hello to your new Status Updater in Facebook. It is similar to the one found in Google Plus, but lacks many essentials to keep your posts truly safe.


Taking a tour of this new gem, we find that the ability to add videos and links is gone. However, if you click Add Photo, you can add a video.


We also notice that on the bottom, you start seeing a simplified, but Google + like option bar which includes the share settings, an option to add locations and an option to tag your buddies.


Adding questions has also changed – although this one is a cosmetic change.


To add a link, you just paste the link into the status and a preview should appear, after that preview is up, you can safely remove the link from your status to make it look less choppy.


Controlling who you share your posts with in Google + is easy, but in Facebook, it’s dumbed down.

You have 3 options: friends, public, and custom. In Google Plus, you sort by circles directly and immediately.


Clicking Custom gives you a bit more control, but if you want to compare it to Google +, Facebook has once again came up to bat and struck out.


This new status updater is probably experimental and hasn’t been integrated into pages as of yet.


Earlier today, Facebook made more changes that have since been reversed.

The top bar that gives you notifications is now sedentary when you scroll allowing you to access notifications no matter where on the News feed you may be. As of yet, this only works on the News Feed page.


Ticker too showed up for a bit today. For those who don’t already know, Ticker is meant to give you a real time feed and also manages to stay on top of everything as you scroll through the news feed.

The Ticker will let you know when people come online, when someone comments on a common friend’s activity, updates a status, uploads pictures, become friends and a slew of things.


Ticker gave a non-invasive pop up menu when you click on an activity and allow you to access it easily. The online feature should help compensate for the damaged chat system.

The Ticker itself had a scrollbar that only appears when you hover over it.

When you change pages, however, the Ticker disappeared.

The top bar is certainly something that Google has been experimenting with as in Google + there have been periods where its status bar remained as you scrolled. The same applied to searches where the search box itself would remain as you scrolled through the results.

Here is hoping that these new changes won’t make Facebook as buggy as its chats and messaging system which has been out for lunch since they made the changes to add video chat – which compared to the one that is integrated in Google + – which Gmail had for a while – just feels like a weight.

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