Google Plus Commenting System to Get Tweaked

Monday, August 15, 2011

Google has announced that they will be tweaking Google Plus’s comment streams to allow users to collapse comments and at the same time remember where the reader left off in the process of reading the comments.

As a brief overview, the comments bar updates in real time. When the number of comments changes, it uses a block rotation effect. Expanding and collapsing the comments is fast and easy, just click on the bar with the number of comments.

The update applies to all streams in Google Plus. If you have any third party plug ins to add functionality in Google Plus, it is strongly advised that you remove them.



To see it in action, here is what one of Google’s developers on the project demonstrated.

Chances are, you can already start playing with the new system itself. If you are using a browser other than Chrome and don’t have the update, try restarting the browser.

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