Mac OS X Lion is Apple’s Equivalent to Microsoft’s Vista Disaster

Saturday, August 20, 2011

If you are a Windows user, or a former Windows user, chances are you remember the scars of pre SP1 Vista. From the driver problems, to the crashes, to the snail-like crawl, Vista took a perfectly running machine and essentially took it on a long and hard ride. Vista became the weight and anchor to Microsoft, that it was to every Machine that tried to take it.

Now during this time, Apple couldn’t have been happier. Touting its pussy cat Leopard which was in mint condition and ready to go, followed by Snow Leopard which was a solid release. It seemed that Apple may have finally found a way to beat the Microsoft ship and take the lead in the race. Then, Apple tried to mess with the big cat.

Lion is unpredictable. For some, it will purr and be as friendly as Snow Leopard. From what I am reading, for those whom it doesn’t like, it is a much more agonizing experience than Windows Vista.

From random crashes to Wi-Fi dropping to a complete crawl, the experience of Lion can be as bad as trying to ride an amputated cat.

Imagine watching a YouTube video and then your new iMac freezes up – completely. Imagine being hard at work and watching your screen go to black and be left with no other option but to reset your machine. Imagine needing the internet for work and suddenly your Mac doesn’t recognize any kind of signal… These are all side affects of an angry Lion.

From ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes’s experiences, “Having lived with the pain of Vista pre-SP1, I can tell you that the problems currently facing Apple with Lion are worse. Much worse.”

Maybe it’s a good thing that Lion won’t work on my Aspire One, perhaps after installing it, I’d experience Vista all over again. Until SP1, it was a brutal nightmare.

Now that Apple has hit its Vista-era, Microsoft will be in a good position with Windows 8, provided it doesn’t repeat Vista all over again. Lion will eventually be fixed and 10.7.1 has been released. With time, perhaps, Apple will finally tame the king of the cats. So, have you managed to tame the angry Lion?

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