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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Facebook will be rolling out more changes and this one affects your newsfeed. From now on, you will see everything in real time. From a friend’s account being hacked and being taken for a joy ride to the FMLs to the relationship statuses to the more serious stuff to the more interesting stuff, you will now see it all in real time and even when you aren’t on the home page.

If the main news feed wasn’t enough, whenever you are catching up with your pals, you will have a smaller news feed, called Ticker at your right hand side. Ticker will update in real time so there is no need to refresh your browser. On top of that, it isn’t censored, so if you see something extremely funny before it gets deleted, enjoy the moment.

Facebook’s Ticker will display all the new status updates, Likes, comments, photos, and so on that your Facebook friends are making, as they’re making them.

Ticker will be replace the Most Recent option in the news feed. The news feed will now contain top stories based on a set of algorithms including its activity, your interaction with it and the person and so on.

If ever you see something interesting in Ticker, you can click on it and you will get a pop out window in the browser that will allow you to add a comment or like it.

In the news feed, you can make a headline a ‘highlight’ where Ticker will keep it on top for a while while you monitor its activity.

While Facebook strives to make sure that you can see your friend's activity everywhere you go, in time, your Facebook environment will feel cluttered – almost as cluttered as the new chatting mechanism where it displays a list of people where only one person is online and the rest who are online remain unmentioned.

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