Windows 8, iTunes, and your iDevice

Friday, October 14, 2011

There have been numerous complaints that people's iDevices aren't working with Windows 8+iTunes and I have experienced the same thing. iDevice is detected, but doesn't show up in Windows or in iTunes. This could be due to driver errors that could occur during operation due to incompatability. I believe I've found a fix.

Power down your PC. Plug in your iDevice, boot up, login. Then, open iTunes. Your iDevice should be right there. Unless you have iOS 5, you're probably going to have to do this, each time you want to sync songs, movies, books or apps.

If you do have iOS 5, you're in luck. Click on your iDevice in iTunes. Scroll down in the right pane, and click on the box that enables you to sync wirelessly. Click Apply (or sync, whichever is there.)

Click to enlarge (The iPod I've connected is syncing over wifi)

After you've applied this setting, you will be able to sync songs, apps, books and whatever else is possible. 

Happy syncing!

Note: I am unable to confirm whether this works for all iDevices. If you have tried this with another iDevice and it worked, please email to confirm.

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